Lapping Machines

Kemet Flat Lapping and Polishing Systems offer the most efficient and reliable method of producing precision flat polished surfaces. Our flat lapping and polishing machines are at the forefront of today’s advanced lapping technology, especially when used with Kemet Diamond products. Kemet lapping machine are available in fixed and variable speed either open face or pneumatic lift and are built strictly to the latest EEC standards.

Custom Built Lapping Machines

A variety of custom built Precision Diamond Flat Lapping and Polishing machines are available to meet your needs. Contact the sales desk for more information on +65 6482 0990.


Flat Lapping and Polishing Machines are available in a range of sizes from 200mm diameter to 3 metres diameter. As a general guide, the smaller bench mounted Machines are for lapping smaller components and light duty applications, whereas the larger Machines are more suited to lapping the larger components, with those in the middle range being commonly used for production lapping where large numbers of pieces are involved.

Flat Lapping Machines are usually used in conjunction with conditioning or control rings. These rings run on the surface of the Lapping or Polishing Plate and have three functions:

  1. They contain and give drive to the pieces being lapped.
  2. By having chamfers on their outer edges, the rings help to impregnate the Lapping Plate with the diamond abrasive.
  3. By positioning the rings, they help control Lapping Plate flatness.

The standard number of conditioning rings used is three but four rings are common on some larger Machines. For special applications, however, special ring sizes can be used.

Benefits of Kemet’s Advanced Lapping Technology

Kemet offers a complete range of lapping and polishing systems for industry. Special purpose machines can be developed for specific applications.

  • Significant reduction in lapping costs
  • Cleaner environment conditions
  • Reduced inspection requirements
  • One operation surface finish
  • Semi skilled operation
  • Faster material removal
  • Faster polishing process
  • Pre set parameters
  • Reduced rejections
  • Optimum geometry and surface finish
  • Easier product cleaning
  • Better utilisation of machine time


Kemet Match Lapping
Kemet 300L Lapping Machine
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Diamond Lapping Machine – Kemet 15
Diamond Lapping Machine – Kemet 20
Diamond Lapping Machine – Kemet 24
Diamond Lapping Machine – Kemet 36
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Diamond Lapping Machine – Kemet 48
Diamond Lapping Machine – Kemet 56
Diamond Lapping Machine – Kemet 72
Diamond Lapping Machine – Kemet 84
Kemet Lapping Machine Maintenance Kit
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