Diamond Slurries & Liquid Diamond

Our range of Kemet Liquid Diamond & Diamond Slurries are available as oil soluble, water soluble or as emulsions. The chemical of the carrier fluid is carefully controlled to ensure that they are compatible both with the Lapping Plate and the components being lapped.

  • Optimum viscosity and chemical composition of each Liquid Diamond & Diamond Slurry Product gives fast stock removal with the ability to produce superfine surface finishes
  • Kemet Diamond Slurries are suitable for dispensing with Kemet Electronic Dispensing System thus eliminating wastage and reducing lapping costs
  • Specially formulated Liquid Diamond & Diamond Slurries enable parts to be easily cleaned
  • Available in Type K (oil /water soluble), Type W series (water soluble) and Type O (oil soluble)
  • Monocrysalline or Polycrystalline
  • Available from 1/10 micron to 45 micron
  • Pack sizes: 400g, 2000g. Other sizes available on request

Kemet Liquid Diamond / Kemet Diamond Slurry Leaflet

Type W Series Liquid Diamond / Diamond Slurry
Kemet Diamond Spray
Type K Liquid Diamond / Diamond Slurry
Type O Diamond Slurry / Liquid diamond
Diamond Suspensions