Kemet Double Side Lapping Polishing Machines

Kemet Dual Face Machines grind, lap & polish both flat faces of the components at the same time. Able to process a wide range of materials and achieve very tight tolerance and consistently

Custom Built Lapping Machines

A variety of custom built Double Side Lapping and Polishing machines are available to meet your needs. Contact the sales desk for more information on +65 6482 0990

Kemet Double Lapping and Polishing Machines are available in a range of sizes from 374mm diameter to 1262mm diameter.

  • 5 carriers are driven for smooth action when grinding or lapping fragile parts
  • Plate and carrier speeds variable through AC frequency inverters.
  • Custom Fine Grinding, Grinding or Lapping plates are available for optimum operation.
  • Optional:
    Automatic Thickness Control
    Load Cell Pressure Control
    HMI Touch Panel Control

Kemet offers a complete range of lapping and polishing systems for industry. Special purpose machines can be developed for specific applications.

  • Significant reduction in lapping costs
  • Cleaner environment conditions
  • Reduced inspection requirements
  • One operation surface finish
  • Semi skilled operation
  • Faster material removal
  • Faster polishing process
  • Pre set parameters
  • Reduced rejections
  • Optimum geometry and surface finish
  • Easier product cleaning
  • Better utilisation of machine time