Metallogaphic Application



Abrasive Cutting
METACUT 250 has the capacity to cut solid sections up to 90 mm in diameter. The cutting capacity of METACUT 300 is 110 mm and METACUT 350 is 130 mm. The side access port permits the sectioning of extra-long workpieces. SERVOCUT is the perfect choice for a wide range of materials and for heavy duty cutting applications. It combines the two well proven cutting techniques chop cutting and table feed cutting into the same machine. SERVOCUT is available in three main sizes and in automatic and/or manual versions.


Precision Cutting

MICRACUT Precision cutters are used for precise and deformation-freecutting of “Metals, Ceramics, Electronic Components, Crystals, Composites, Biomaterials, Sintered Carbides, Minerals, etc.” The applications are endless. MICRACUT family of precision cutters are available in 4 different versions.



The ECOPRESS series are Programmable Automatic Mounting Presses with one or dual cylinder, 5,7" HMI touch screen control and has electro hydraulic operation which does not require air. The sample is ejected fast and very smoothly. ECOPRESS mounting presses can accept several mould sizes from 25 mm to 50 mm. All moulds can be exchanged simply and easily.


Abrasive Cutting

FORCIPOL Series of instruments are available as Single wheel and Dual wheel Units (200/250/300 mm wheel size). Both single or double wheel versions are available with constant, dual or infinitely variable rotating speeds with digital display. This allows the setting of the optimum speed for each individual preparation process. When the number of specimens to be prepared increases, FORCIPOL instruments can be fitted with FORCIMAT automatic head which provides high rate of sample preparation and frees the operator from the grinding and polishing procedures.

Precision Cutting

DIGIPREP preparation systems are designed for fully automated metallographic sample preparation for consistent and reproducible specimen quality. DIGIPREP PLAN Planar Coarse Grinder is designed for first step initial planar grinding of very large specimens or a high volume of specimens in specimen holders. DIGIPREP’s Automatic Head controls the force applied precisely and specimens are prepared exactly the same way everytime, independent of operator skills. With the ability to store and recall preparation programs on the LCD screen, same consistent results are obtained.