Our Research & Development Facilities in Kemet Far East

Our R&D and contract lapping centre offer the latest machines and equipment to process a wide variety of materials shown below

Non-ferrous materials Ferrous materials
Sapphire Various tool steels
Germanium Various stainless steels
Various filter glasses Tungsten carbide
Silicon Carbide Titanium
Various Optical glasses Inconel
Ceramics Thermal spray coatings


Our lapping equipment includes

Machine Type Model Description Area Plate Diameter Maximum size of part
DS 12B Grinding LP-12 Grinding R&D 753mm OD x 260mm ID 8.6”
DS 12B Lap LP-12 Lapping R&D 753mm OD x 260mm ID 8.6”
DS 12B CMP LP-12 Chemo-Mechanical Polishing R&D 753mm OD x 260mm ID 8.6”
XJ 36 Lap P1 XJ-36 Lapping R&D 36”
XJ 36 CMP P2 XJ-36 Chemo-Mechanical Polishing R&D 36”
2 x Kemet 15 Lap LP-15 Lapping R&D 15” (380mm) 5.5”
2 x Kemet 15 Polish LP-15 Polishing R&D 15” (380mm) 5.5”
1 x 24” Polish LP-24 Polishing Contract Lapping 24” 9.6”
DS 9B Lap LP-9 Lapping Contract Lapping 630mm OD x 240mm ID 7”
DS 6B Lap LSP-6 Lapping Contract Lapping 374mm OD x 150mm ID 4.3”
Kemet 700 Lapping LP-700 Lapping Contract Lapping 700mm 11”
Kemet 56 Lapping LP-56 Lapping Contract Lapping 56” 22
Kemet 48” Lapping LP-48 Lapping Contract Lapping 48” 19.8”
5 x Kemet 36 Lap LP-36 Lapping Contract Lapping 36” 14.5”

Our other equipment includes

Machine Type Model Description Area Maximum size of part
Ultrasonic Cleaner 500mm x 400mm x 200mm Cleaning R&D 500mm
Ultrasonic Cleaner 470mm x 260mm x 240mm Cleaning R&D 470mm
Surface Roughness Mitutoyo SV-2000 Surface Roughness R&D  
2 x Portable surface Roughness Mitutoyo SJ-210 Surface Roughness R&D  


Free Trials

Process development, training and detailed technical support services are offered in our newly refurbished and fully equipped Technical Centre.

Process Development

We regularly assist customers by developing new products and processes, utilising the very latest in precision flat lapping technology. Customers' samples are evaluated, free-of-charge . Comprehensive reports are issued covering all aspects of the process, including details of abrasive, lapping plate, workholding, inspection, cleaning and the likely consumable costs involved.